These Seo Tips are highly recommended for all the websites which will improve your site overall ranking as well as Net worth of your site.

  1. Get a Google Plus page.

Estimated Lifetime Worth: $20,000


  1. Get a Google Places page.

Estimated Lifetime Worth: $10,000


  1. Check your internal link structure.

Estimated Lifetime Worth: $10,000


  1. Make sure you’re speaking Google’s language


  1. Do competitive research, and don’t be afraid to steal.

Est. Lifetime Value: $15,000+


  1. Make a few videos and put them on YouTube.

Est Lifetime Value: $1,000


  1. Write ‘definitive guides’ to things.

Estimated lifetime value: $5k per effective guide


  1. Claim your free backlinks.

Estimated lifetime value: $1,000


  1. Steal backlinks from your competitors.

Estimated lifetime value: $2,000


  1. Connect with bloggers in your niche on social media.

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